Benchtop Low Speed Large Capacity Centrifuge NEUHC20

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1.Full steel structure with build-in protection steel, simple-compact, light-weight and low noise.
2.Adopt advanced CPU control system, which has realized accurately microprocessor control of rotate speed, time, temperature and RCF.
3.Maintenance-free brushless DC motor/frequency-conversion motor, with the speed range of 100-6000rpm,and accuracy ±20r/min.
4.With the door-cover protection, system of over-speed detection and advanced electronic imbalance detection, the machine process the real-time monitor, to make safe operation.
5.Widely applied to the field of radio-immunology, biochemistry and the separation of blood product.

Max Speed:6000r/min
Speed Accuracy:±20rpm
Max RCF:5120×g
Timer Range:0~99min
Motor: Microprocessor & Brushless DC motor
Screen: Touch LCD Display & LED Digital Display
Acceleration/Deceleration Rate:0~9 grade
Power Supply:AC220V & 110V 50Hz 5A


Benchtop Low Speed Large Capacity Centrifuge NEUHC20