Magnetic Resonance Imaging System NEUMRI08

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Type: Permanent magnet (NdFeB – Neodymium, Iron & Boron), eddy current free, open C type or 4-column type with self-temperature control
Field strength: 0.4T±3% Passive shimming
Field homogeneity: 40×40×38cm sphere ≤40ppm(Vpp 40×40×38cmsphere≤5ppm(Vrms)
Vertical gap distance: 400mm±20mm

Gradient system:
Gradient amplifier: US imported product  Field strength: 24mT/m    effective 40.8mT/m Slew rate: single axis ≤80mT/m/ms
effective ≤136mT/m/ms Linearity: 40cm*40cm*38cm ellipsoid<5%
Cooling system: gradient power – wind cooling
Gradient coil – no cooling system required

RF transmitting & receiving system:
Type of transmitter & receiver: Digital (US imported product) Receiving channels: multiple channels
Frequency range: DC-22MHZ
Maximum receiver bandwidth: 1.25MHZ Pre-amplifier gain max: 30dB
Noise figure: 0.3dB
RF amplifier: ≥6kw (17.00MHz) (US imported product) RF transmitting coil: panel transmitting coil
RF receiving coil: multiple channel coil

Auto pre-scan function:
Auto RF correction
Auto frequency lock
Auto gain adjusting
Auto coil identification
Auto coil tuning
Automatic shimming linear compensation

Permanent magnet (0.4T) (NdFeB)
Self-temperature control system
Self-temperature control system power and control unit

RF transmitting & receiving system:
Digital transmitting and receiving system (USA and UK imported products) RF amplifier (USA imported)
panel transmitting coil Pre-position amplifier
Phase Array RF Receiving coils: Head, Body (big), Body (small), Neck, Knee, Breast and Wrist coil each

Gradient System:
Gradient amplifier and power supply (USA imported)
X Y Z gradient coil

Multi-channel digital spectrometer (UK imported)

Computer System:
Imaging workstation
2nd generation Intel Core ™ (≥3.3GHz) Graphics memory: 1GB
Memory: 4GB
Hard driver: 500GB
Removable storage: DVD+RW double burn
21” TFT monitor with at least 1280×1024 resolution Post processing image software

Patient System:
Intercom system
Background music system


Magnetic Resonance Imaging System NEUMRI08