Ultrasound Gel Warmer NEU1502

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Power Output


Temperature Display

Celsius/Fahrenheit Switchable

Cavities Quantity


Size of Cavity

52mm(Dia.) x130mm(Depth)

Overall Size

L:185mm W:127mm H:148mm



◆ How to Use
– Charged with power
– Power Switch ON “—“
– Power Switch OFF “O”
◆Setting Temperature
–  The displayed temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit is switchable by pressing the keys “SET” and “▼” at the same time.
–  The default temperature was set at 37℃ by the manufacturer. It can be adjusted to the need.
– Temperature adjusting: press the key “SET” and then key” ▲” (up) or “▼”(down) to select the desirable temperature and a second press to the key “SET” for input.
IMPORTANT: To use the Warmer for ultrasound gel applying to the body please just set it at a skin comfortable temperature, and mind too high temperature setting will hurt the skin. Please also consult your Ultrasound Gel supplier if the Gel is durable at the setting temperature.
◆Temperature Controlling
– The LED displayer is indicating the real-time temperature of the Cavity, but not the gel bottle directly.
– The temperature controller is to control the temperature of the Cavity, but not the gel bottle directly.
– If the temperature is set at 37℃ and the room temperature is 25℃, it will take about 30mins to transfer the heat to the whole bottle of the gel and get a uniform temperature at around 37℃, .
– NEVER clean by dipping the Warmer into water.
– Turn off the Power Switch and pull out the Plug if not working for long time.


Ultrasound Gel Warmer NEU1502