5L Medical Oxygen Concentrator Machine NEUJY10

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110~130V /220~230V 50HZ

Power Consumption: :

270W in average, less than

320VAin highest level

Size : 305×300×535(L×W×H)mm

Weight : 16 kg

Nozzle : 1

Output Pressure : 8.5-13 psi

the oxygen concentration ≥90%

Noise:≤48dB (A)

Oxygen Flow Rate :(1~5)L/min.

Within (1~5)L/min



1. Fashionable appearance and small size

2. lightweight: lift up hand shank and easy move to with wheels

3. PSA technology, without chemical

4. Original design and building

5. Self-patent core components

6. High accuracy oxygen sensor inside can indicate purity synchronously (for purity-monitoring type only).

7. High oxygen purity:≥90% @5 L and 8000 hours working life. (Under the science laboratory)

8. Low Noise : ≤48dB (A)

9. Energy-saving and economical: working more than 3 hour’s just need 1 degree electricity.


5L Medical Oxygen Concentrator Machine NEUJY10

$1,290.00$1,690.00 (-24%)

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