Basic Ophthalmic A/B Scan NEU2000BER


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A Scan (A)

Probe Frequency: 10MHZ   Error: ±0.5 MHZ

Precision: 0.05mm

Measurement parameters: ACD depth, lens, axial length, and its average

IOL Calculation: SRK/II, SRK/T, Holladay, SCDK, Hoffer-Q

Data Processing: IOL table

Operation: Automatic, Manual

Information storage: Mass memory Build-in Case data

Images reports: External high definition ink-jet printer

B Scan(B)

B-scan modeB: Mechanic Sector scans

Scan angle: 53

Detect Depth: 50mm

Probe frequency: 10 MHZ Error: ±0.5 MHZ

Resolution:Vertical0.5mm, Lateral1.0mm

Gray Scale: 256

Display Mode: B; B+B; B+A

Storage: 10 Frames10

Image Post Processing: Brightness, Contrast, Smooth, Sharp, stretch, Equalize, etc.


Basic Ophthalmic A/B Scan NEU2000BER


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