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Bioabsorbable Interference Screws

Biocomposite/bioactive (PLGA + TCP) interference screw designed to provide the best involvement of soft tissue grafts (ACL-PCL) in tibia/femur without damaging the soft tissue in bone during cruciate ligament reconstruction procedures;

Thanks to its wide diameter and height options, INTAS provides possibilities of use additionally for, other than ACL – PCL reconstructions, repair of medial and lateral ligaments in the knee, medial patellafemoral ligament reconstruction (femur fixation), biceps tendonitis on the shoulder, and distal biceps tendonitis in the elbow, and makes it easier for the soft tissue to penetrate better into the bone by turning into bone tissue.

Thanks to ratcheting transmitter, it provides convenience for the doctor.




# REF CODE Description SIZES
1 BAP19020625 Intas Ø6 mm x L25 mm
2 BAP19020630 Intas Ø6 mm x L30 mm
3 BAP19020725 Intas Ø7 mm x L25 mm
4 BAP19020730 Intas Ø7 mm x L30 mm
5 BAP19020825 Intas Ø8 mm x L25 mm
6 BAP19020830 Intas Ø8 mm x L30 mm
7 BAP19020925 Intas Ø9 mm x L25 mm
8 BAP19020930 Intas Ø9 mm x L30 mm
9 BAP19021025 Intas Ø10 mm x L25 mm
10 BAP19021030 Intas Ø10 mm x L30 mm
11 BAP19021125 Intas Ø11 mm x L25 mm
11 BAP19021130 Intas Ø11 mm x L30 mm