Doppler Sonography SonoBook 9

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What is green concept of Sonobook 9
1.Less energy:
SSD for lower consumption
Standby: manual or the sensor
Auto-ambient adjustment
2.Low heat and noise design:
Highly efficient radiator to cool the system
3.Less material and radiation:
Highly integrated modular design
4.More eco-friendly
Fetal, Abdominal, OB, GYN, Urology, Small Organ (breast, thyroid, testes),Peripheral
Vascular, Pediatric, Musculo-skeletal ,Intra-operative, Trans-rectal, Trans-vaginal, Cardiac, Adult Cephalic, Neonatal Cephalic
Scanning Method:
Electronic convex
Electronic linear
Electronic phased array
Transducer Types:
Convex transducer: C3-V
Linear transducer. L7-V, L12-V, L8M5-V,LBM-V,R7-V, LlOi-V
Transvaginal transducer.E6-V, E7W-V
Micro convex transducer: MC6-V
Phased array transducer P2-V, P5-V
4D volume transducer: VC4-V

Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions of main unit (approx.):366mm’355mm’72mm
Net weight of main unit (approx): 5.5kg (with battery, without
transducer, AC cord, AC adapter.)
Electrical Power
Adapter Power supply voltage:  AC100-240V  50/60Hz
Main system power input: 19V 7.8A
Battery type:
SonoBAT: 92.88Wh maximum working time is 2h (depend on condition)


Doppler Sonography SonoBook 9