Electrolyte Analyzer NEUEA09

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Electrolyte analyzers are used to measure the amount of electrolyte in whole blood, plasma, serum, and urine samples. The electrolyte is in a cationic or anionic state in the body fluid. Although electrolyte can be used to refer to any salt dissolved in water, in the medical field, it refers to the four main electrolytes, namely sodium (Na+, potassium (K+), chlorine (Cl-) and bicarbonate (HCO3-).


Electrolytes Analyzer NEUEA09:


1.Sleep mode to save reagent
2.Self-made maintenance free electrodes
3.Automatic one and two points calibration
4.Rapid test speed: s30 seconds/test
5.Min-volume sample consumption: ≤65ul

Working Environment:

Relative Humidity:≤85% Ambient Temperature:5C~4o”C Sun Radiation: Avoid direct sunshine Power Supply:100-240V ~ 50/GOHz

Main Characteristics:

1.on-line instructions provided for self problem-solving

2.High efficient cleaning procedures best for fatty samples
3.Electrode maintenance alerts
4.Auto sampler wolume: 39 samples
5.≥1000 records storage


Electrolyte Analyzer NEUEA09

$3,790.00$3,990.00 (-5%)

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