Low-speed Large Volume Centrifuge NEUZL90-91

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1. The series are steady but not heavy, excellent compatibility, large capacity with light rotor
2. Controlled by microcomputer, AC frequency variable motor drive, free toner power pollution,and long life. Lower noise and less vibration, equipped with multiple types of rotors for users to choose.
3. Imported compressor set, refrigeration and heating double temperature control, unique heat radiation system, to ensure that the cooling effect of the instrument to achieve the best.
4. Able to configure acceleration/deceleration  mode, provide configuration of RPM and RCF, and convert RPM/RCF using one key.
5. Equipped with over speed, overheat, imbalance and door lid auto lock protection systems to ensure safety of machine and users

Max RPM(rpm):5500rpm;5500rpm
Max RCF :5310×g;5310×g
Max Capacity:6×500ml/4×750ml;6×500ml/4×750ml
Temp Range:/;      -20℃~40℃
Temp Accuracy:/   ;±2.0℃
timing range:1min~99min;1min~99min
RPM accuracy:±20r/min;±20r/min
noise level:≤ 65dB(A);≤ 65dB(A)
centrifuge chamber diameter:φ500mm;φ500mm
power supply: AC 220±22V 50Hz 15A;AC 220±22V 50Hz 15A
total power:750W;1500W
dimensions (length x width x height):825×625×910mm;825×625×910mm
packaging dimensions (length x width x height):930×730×1010mm   ;930×730×1010mm
Net Weight :130kg;190kg
Gross Weight:150kg;210kg


Low-speed Large Volume Centrifuge NEUZL90-91