Manual Medical Freezing Microtome Machine NEUK246

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The system is extensively used at hospital, epidemic prevention, agriculture, forestry and other scientific research institutions. It make up with advanced third computerized thermostatic power semiconductor refrigeration, Cryo-Scalpel, Cryo-console . The power is made of advanced nanometer material, it has the characteristics of light, no noise. The LCD display can show the temperature of the Cyro-scalpel and Cryo-console at the same time.
The system have the characteristics of working evenly, freezing fast, and operating easily, stably and conveniently. The angle between Cryo-console and Cryo-scalpel is 45° which made the tissue attached to the slice easily.
In addition to rapid freezing slice, the system is also can regular paraffin slice.


1)Slice thickness range:

1-35micron (K245)

1-30micron(K242 / K244/K243)

1-25micron (K234 /K233/K245)
Least slice adjusting graduation: 1micron
3)Maximum slice section: 40 × 50μ M 40 × 30μ M

4)Maximum cold storage area: 40 × 32 μ M

5) LCD display show the temperature of Cryo-console and Cryo-scalpel simultaneity

6)maximum difference in temperature of freezing stage ≥ 60℃

7)maximum difference in temperature of cooling knife ≥ 50℃

8)automatic recovery of refrigeration working state after defrost
9)After automatic defrost, it takes 4-8 minutes to reach setting temperature
10) Max Freezing Temperature : – 20℃


Manual Medical Freezing Microtome Machine NEUK246

$2,990.00$3,990.00 (-25%)

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