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The adjustment range of 160°for 15-inch HD medical LCD monitor.

Advanced harmonic imaging technology to obtain more complete harmonic signals on the basis of fundamental waves and improve image quality.

More than 12 inspection modes are not only optimized in advance of parameter combination, but also measurement software packages and related reports.

Efficient graphic management system, sharing, editing, printing, etc.

One-click full screen


H Performance

Pulse Wave Doppler

This Doppler shift falls in the audible range and is often presented audibly using stereo speakers: this produces a very distinctive, although synthetic pulsating sound.

One-key calls for case information and entry

THI (Tissue Harmonic Imaging) technology

Suppress speckle noise, brighten image and improve the image quality 2 levels harmonic wave, with independent buttons, invisible and adjustable cyclically

Rich clinical measurement package

* Measurement units can be switched between cm and mm

* It has a variety of obstetric measurement data such as double top diameter head and hip diameter head circumference and abdominal circumference, including yolk sac, neck transparent layer; eyelid internal and external distance, lateral ventricle, humerus length and foot length

* Fetal age comparison table, fetal development curve, fetal physiological score and other functions