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Every design decision on the ultrasound machine is made with patient and user comfort in mind/educing stress without compromising diagnostic performance. The ultrasound machine has features designed to help enhance workflow, mobility and convenience.

* 15 inch medical LED display with articulating arm for viewing from any angle

* Ergonomic keyboard design, Elegant operation paneLoptimized keyboard according to operation frequency and functional zone, and adjustable

* Probe Ports: 2 Active,free probe switching, hot-swapping available

* Continuously working 2-3 hours: Large capacity plug-gable mobile rechargeable lithium-ion battery with imported high capacity battery

* Digital surround audio system

* Full patient database and image management solutions: DICOM 3.0, AVI/JPG, USB2.0, HDD, DVD, PDF report

Confidence for Diagnose

*Trans-vaginal transducer with high definition displays minute fetus clearly

*Quality volume transducer shows vivid fetal facial organs

*Distinct fetal aortic arch

*Sensitive color Doppler displays plentiful renal blood flow

*Vertebral artery and vein blood flow reflects enough penetration and good spatial resolution

*Dedicated software measures carotid automatically and accurately





$16,900.00$18,900.00 (-11%)

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