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From Obese to Thin, Neonate to Geriatric, with Dawei V4.0ultrasound system,we’ve rethought virtually every element of the imaging chain, from the pulse of the probes to the clarity of the pixels. The result is our highest level of imaging performance yet – a leap forward you have to see to believe.

-15 inch full-view HD medical LED display

-USB 3.0 interface for storing and exporting clinical pictures, videos, reports

-General probes application, micro imaging technology, two active probe interfaces

-Real-time Wide Field of View (WFOV)

-Trapezoidal imaging

-Free Anatomy 3M Imaging

-Elastography imaging

-1 MT Intima-Medial auto-measurement

-Free arm 3D imaging

-Blood flow M (MC) imaging

-Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI)

-Spatial composite imaging, speckle noise removal technology

-Continuous Doppler Imaging

Extraordinary Images

Helps you quickly acquire the information you need, in both routine and difficult procedures, to guide decisions that enhance clinical confidence.

Easy Workflow

* User-centric console, onboard automation, and productivity packages help make short work of very busy schedules.

* Automated measurement and image optimization tools

* Breast and thyroid productivity packages


Advanced probe technology helps provide exceptional image quality and is available in a broad range of probes designed to meet the needs of your specialty. There are Convex, linear Phased array, Micro-convex, 4D volume.



$21,900.00$22,900.00 (-4%)

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