MS200 NIBP Simulator


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MS200 NIBP Simulator is a multi-purpose test instrument for use with oscillometric Non-Invasive Blood Pressure(NIBP) Monitors. The appearance is concision ,operation is simple and convenient,with its internal pump, the Simulator can generate pressures up to 400 mmHg (53.3 kPa).The Simulator provides dynamic blood pressure simulations, static pressure calibration, automated leak testing, and pressure relief valve testing.You can quickly and exact analyse different NIBP Monitors.


Main Features

■Provides pressure gauge testing,pressure leak testing,relief valve testing functions .

■Build-in pump provides pressure source with leak and pressure relief tests

■NIBP simulations for both arm and wrist cuffs.

■Provides adult,neonate, eight variations patients conditions,user-defined simulations.

■Provides arrhythmias,respiratory artifact simulations.

■Built-in air chamber to simulate adult and neonate cuff.

■65k colors,4.3″ LCD display.


MS200 NIBP Simulator


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