Oxygen Concentrator Machine NEUJY42

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Weight 12KG

Dimensions 300mm * 290mm * 500mm

Input power 250VA.

Average sound pressure level≤60dB (A)

Maximum recommended flow 3L /min

The flow when the outlet nominal pressure

is zero 3L /min

Flow rate when the nominal outlet pressure

is 7kPa 3L/min

Oxygen concentration 290%

Outlet pressure 30kPa -60KPa

The atomizing gas flow rate should not be

less than 10L/min

Atomization pressure range 70kPa~ 170kPa

The maximum atomization rate should not be

less than 0.18 mL/min

Nebulizer cup capacity 8mL

Applicable power supply ~220V 50Hz



Oxygen Concentrator Machine NEUJY42

$990.00$1,190.00 (-17%)

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