Oxygen Generator Machine NEUZY63

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  1. Maximum Recommend Flow Rate: 5LPM
  2. Flow Range: 0.5〜5LPM
  3. Change in maximum recommended flow when back pressure of 7kPa is applied: 0.5L/min;
  4. Oxygen Concentration:93%±3%
  5. 5.Output Pressure : 20-70kPa

Pressure Relief Mechanism Operational at:

250kPa±25kPa (36.25psi±3.63psi)

6.Sound Level:W54dB(A).

7.Power Supply:

AC110V±10% n60Hz ± 2%orAC220V±10% Q50Hz ± 2%

(Please refer to the specific name plate on the machine)

8 .Input Power: W400VA

  1. Net Weight: 15.5kg
  2. Dimension:345(L) X 280(W) x 558(H)mm
  3. Altitude: Up to 1828 meters (6000 ft) above sea level without degradation of concentration levels. From 1828 meters (6000 ft) to 4000 meters (13129 ft) below 90% efficiency.

12.Safety System:

Over Current or Connection Loosen: Unit Shut Down

Compressor Over Hot: Unit Shut Down

Pressure, Cycle Failure: Alarming and Shut Down •Compressor Failure: Alarming and Shut Down •Low Oxygen Concentration

  1. Minimum Operating Time: 30minutes
  2. Electric classification: class II equipment, type B applied part
  3. Work system: work continuously.
  4. Normal Operating Condition: •Temperature range: 5°C〜40°C •Relative humidity: 30%~80%
  5. •Atmosphere pressure: 860hPa〜1060hPa (12.47psi〜15.37psi)

    △ CAUTION: When storage/transportation condition is lower than 5°C, please put the device in normal operating condition more than 4 hours before operating.

    17.Oxygen Output Temperature: W 46°C

    18.Cannula length DO NOT more than 15.2m (50ft) and no twist.

    19.Storage and Transportation Condition: •Temperature range: -20°C~+55°C

    •Relative humidity: W95%

    .Atmosphere pressure:500hPa~1060hPa (10.15psi~15.37psi) CAUTION: The device should be stored with no strong sunlight, no corrosive gas and wed ventilated indoor area. The device must be transported and used in the vertical position only.


Oxygen Generator Machine NEUZY63

$1,590.00$1,890.00 (-16%)

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