Oxygen Mixer NEUPV02

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5.7 inch  LCD display screen.

Easy setting by common knob and touch key

Advanced build in Air-Oxygen blender, easy setting

Oxygen concentration from 21%-100%

Independent flow meter

Sensitive safety valves will prove safety to patients

Will offer neonate intensive care

Compatible with various generators



  • Ventilation Mode: CPAP
  • FiO2: 21-100%
  • Airway Pressure: 0-12cmH2O (Monitoring)
  • Respiratory Rate: 0-60bmp(Monitoring)
  • Flow Range: 0-15L/min
  • FiO2 Upper Limit: 22-100%
  • FiO2 Lower Limit: 21-99%
  • Airway Pressure Upper Limit: 0.1-12cmH2O
  • Airway Pressure Lower Limit: 0-11.9cmH2O

Alarm: Airway pressure high/low,FiO2




Oxygen Mixer NEUPV02

$11,990.00$13,990.00 (-14%)

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