Percutaneous Jaundice Tester NEUJM01

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Jaundice is one of the most common symptoms of the neonatal period, and the Clinical Report shows that there is 20-30% newborns may appear visibility jaundice. The pathologic jaundice for newborn may cause bilirubin encephalopathy, thus find out the pathologic jaundice as early as possible is very important. The clinical formerly estimate according the concentration of venous serum bilirubin. In this way, not only waste time and vigor, but also can not be popularized because of the conditionality. What’s more, it can not find out the pathologic jaundice and doing the preventive treatment in time, may delay the best treatment time. The Percutaneous Jaundice Tester manufactured by our company can measuring the venous serum bilirubin percutaneous via using optical fiber technology, photoelectric technology, electronic technique and data processing. It only needs to use the probe of the machine touch the forehead skin of the newborn, then can measuring the date directly and correctly. The advantages of out machine are: can measuring without ache and without injure, with smaller size and lower weight, easy to operate, convenient and safe use, easy to carry and easy promotion to the neonatology department of all levels of hospital for serum bilirubin values percutaneous dynamic monitoring of the newborn. It has the broad application prospect in the market


1). Measurement: light reflective

2). LED; Light source: LED

3). Display: LCD

4). Indication error: 0 ~ 25 mg / dL ± 1.0 mg / dL

5). Power: Lithium battery (DC3.6V, 1000mAh ± 20%), after a fully charged can check Measuring more than 800 times;

6). Check color screen: white end face is 0, the yellow end face 16.0 ± 1.0

Main Function
1).Can displayed separately mg / dL, μmol / L in the meantime.
2).Data storage: can storage 200 measuring date.
3).Calculating the average function: It has the function that measuring 2-5 times, then workout the average automatically.
4). Open Preparation time: boot, no need to prepare
5). Battery voltage detection function: it will be displayed “Low Battery” when the battery voltage less than 3.6V.
6). Automatic shutdown after the non-working state, for 10 minutes: automatic shutdown function
7). Battery display: Top right corner of the viewing screen display 、、、、,it respectively means the left battery electric quantity is about 100%、75%、50%、25%、0%。
8). charging display: The viewing screen will be lighten and displayed “Charging…” during charging.
9). charging automatic protection function: It will stop charging automatically at the time battery voltage charging arrive 4.2V±0.05V.


Percutaneous Jaundice Tester NEUJM01

$1,890.00$1,990.00 (-5%)

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