Portable Home and Hospital Use Oxygen Concentrator NEUZY30

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The MSLZY30 household oxygen generator is one of the series of products produced by our company. The product uses molecular sieve as the adsorbent, uses the advanced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principle, and uses air as the raw material to produce oxygen through physical means.
1) The air is taken from nature.
2) Adopt advanced pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA), advanced process flow and low energy consumption.
3) The product has a novel shape design, simple operation, stable operation and convenient maintenance.


1.High concentration
2.Continuous oxygen supply
3.Oil free compressor
4.Intelligent touch
5.Large screen display
6.Double oxygen inhalation
7.Voice prompt
8.Noise reduction design
9.Imported molecular sieve
10.Filtration systems
11.Save electricity and save energy

Product parameters
Product net weight: 6kg
Oxygen output: 1L-7L
Running noise≤ 60db
The input power≤ 120VA
Oxygen concentrations: 35-93%
Product size: 27*20*39cm
The rated voltage: AC220+15V 50 + 1HZ

Technical indicators:

Oxygen concentration: (when the flow≤1  liter)  90 ± 3% (v / v)
Carbon dioxide content  ≤0.01% (v / v)
Smell      Odorless
Particle size of solid matter  ≤10um
Solid matter content  ≤0.5mg / m 3

Product technical indicators:
Adjustment range  (1 ~ 7 L / min) adjustable
Running noise  ≤60dB (A)
Timer error   ≤ ± 3%
Input power : 150W
Machine weight about: 6kg
Outline size : 390 × 270 × 200 mm


Portable Home and Hospital Use Oxygen Concentrator NEUZY30

$590.00$690.00 (-14%)

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