4D Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound System Sonoscape A8

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The system is a high-performance digital B/W diagnostic ultrasound system. Users can easily master the operating system according to the embedded-ultrasound workstation printing function, graphic icons, and multilingual interface. It measures up to the relevant intentional and state standards.
The PC-based computer technology and the reliable Linux operating system enable the SonoScape B/W ultrasound system to be more stable and flexible for operation. The value of the system can be promoted by the maintenance and upgrading of software.
The sophisticated specialized industrial LCD monitor not only equips the system with the ability to display the unprecedented excellent image and abundant gray scales but also reduce the weight to a large extent.

 Frame Rate:  60 frames/sec

 Display Gray Scale: 256 levels

 Scanning Lines: 256 lines in B mode

                 512 lines in M mode

 Frequency Range 2.0-12.0MHz

 Dynamic Range: 158dB


 Sweep Speed : 1/2/3/4/5 S

 Persistence: 8 steps

 Enhance: 8 steps

 Smoothness: 8 Steps

 Chroma: 8 Kinds selectable

 Video Invert : Positive, Negative

B+M Mode

Respective Gain Control of B-Mode and M-Mode

Cine and Storage

Cine: 512 Frames (B-Mode)

      Display of Number

 Measurable when recall images;

 Cine store:

n  ≥10000 images in JPG format

n  ≥2000 images in bmp format

File Management

 File output format:

n  Image: BMP, JPG, AVI;DCM

n  Report: RPT, PDF;

 Storage media

n  USB Drive

n  DVD-Drive(Optional)

DICOM Network Communication

Measure up to DICOM3.0 Standard

 Storage, print, and worksheet management

n Storage: directly upload the image and patient information to DICOM server

n Print: directly printing by printers applicable to DICOM Standard

n Worksheet management: viewing and managing the patient information in HIS and RIS

Data transmission

Able to communicate with computer system by USB and archive the patient information, reports and images.

Environmental Requirements:

In operation

 Temperature:+10 to +40 degrees C

 Relative Humidity: 30% to 75%

(non condensing)

 Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060hPa

In Storage/Transportation

 Temperature: -20 to +55 degrees C

 Relative Humidity:20- 90%

(non condensing)

 Atmospheric Pressure: 700 to 1060hPa

Power in

 100-240V~, 50/60Hz,

 130 VA( MAX.)

Weight and Dimensions

 Approx 6kg


Probe Connectors

 Active Connectors: 2 connectors

Display Screen

12-inch industrial-grade LCD, the user can adjust the monitor through system menu

Input/output information

 Input : Footswitch, 2×USB2.0

 output : LAN, 2×USB2.0, composite video, VGA, S-Video, print control


4D Digital Diagnostic Ultrasound System Sonoscape A8