Accurate Urine Sediment Analyzer Machine FUS-200

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1.Throughput:120 T/H
2.Provide useful information—RBC morphological information for the diagnosis and treatment of renal diseases
3.Provide standardized urinalysis testing solution
4.Without centrifugation and stains,contributing to cost-effective
5.User-friendly design,simple operation and convenient maintenance
6.Two-level quality control,consistent with international standard


Item: Red blood cell, white blood cell squamous epithelial cell, non-squamous epithelial cell, transparent casts, unclassified casts, mucus, bacteria, yeast, white blood cell group, sperm, etc.
Throughput:120 samples/h
Test Principle: Flow cytometry; High-speed, High-depth of Field Imaging Technique
Classification: Artificial intelligence identification technique
Image Capture Capacity:650 frames/sample
Auto loader Capacity:50 samples
Sample Volume: Minimum volume: 3ml non-centrifugal urine (Integrated system minimum volume:5ml non-centrifugal urine);aspiration volume: about 1ml
Workstation: Quad-core processor, Windows operating system, Bidirectional to LIS/HIS.
Data Storage: Storage capacity ≥10,000
Connecting: Available for connecting with DIRUIH-800 Automatic Urine Analyzer. Consolidated results printing.
Dimension:700mm×720mm×640mm(FUS-200 with auto loader-expansion kit)

Equipment Parameter:

Parameter: Technical requirement
Maximum Relative Deviation of the Result Accuracy:±8.0%
Repeatability of the Test Items:CV≤10%
Total Specificity (Automatic Identification):>80%
Total Specificity(Manual Verification):≥95%

Normal Working Condition:

Supply Voltage:AC100V240V,50/60 Hz
Environmental Temperature:10℃-30℃
Relative Humidity:20%-80%
Atmospheric Pressure:860hPa~1060hPa


Accurate Urine Sediment Analyzer Machine FUS-200

$12,970.00$14,500.00 (-11%)

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