Anesthesia Ventilator NEUGA12

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1 Operating mode: circulatory closed, semi-closed and semi-open.
2 Gas requirement: medical oxygen and laughing gas with a pressure ranging from 0.3MPa to 0.5 MPa.
3 The maximum error of the pressure testing device should not exceed ± (4% of the full scale reading + 8%
of the actual reading).
4 For oxygen and laughing gas, a special pressure regulator with a safety valve will be provided. The exhaust
pressure of the safety valve should not be higher than 6 kPa.
5 Indication range of the oxygen and laughing gas flow meter: 0.1 L/min ~ 10 L/min.
When the flow rate ranges from 10% of the full scale value to 100%, the scale accuracy should be within ±10%
of the indicated value.
6. The flow meter is equipped with an oxygen-laughing gas proportional control device.
When the oxygen concentration in the mixed gas N2O/O2 conveyed by the anesthesia
machine is no lower than 20% (V/V) or the FiO2 is lower than 20%, the machine will emit an
7. When the oxygen pressure of the anesthesia machine is 0.20MPa±0.05MPa, the machine raises a low gas source
pressure alarm which is a high priority alarm, and shuts off the laughing gas conveyed to the common gas outlet.
8. Oxygen Flush:25~75 L/Min;
9. Anesthetic gas concentration adjustment range of vaporizer: 0~5%, relative error ±20 %.
10. The exhaust pressure of the safety valve of the respiratory circuit is no higher than 6 kPa.
11. Anesthesia ventilator
11.1 Respiration Mode:IPPV,SIPPV,Manu
11.2 Respiration Frequency:4~40bpm
11.3 I/E Ratio:1:1.5~1:4
11.4 Tidal Volume:50~1500mL
11.5 Ptr:-10~10hPa
11.6 Controlled ventilation and assisted ventilation switching time: 6s
11.7 Maximum safety pressure:  ≤ 12.5 kPa.
11.8 Pressure limit range: 1~6 kPa
11.9 Airway pressure alarm: adjustment range of upper alarm limit: 0.3kPa ~ 6 kPa, permissible error ±0.2 kPa,
or ±15% (whichever is greater), the machine should immediately raise a high level alarm when the airway
pressure rises to the alarm value; the lower alarm limit ranges from 0.2 to 5 kPa and the permissible error
is ±0.2 kPa or ±15% (whichever is greater). The machine should immediately raise a medium level alarm
when the airway pressure drops to the alarm value and such condition lasts 4 to 15s.


Anesthesia Ventilator NEUGA12