Automatic Temperature Control Gel Warmer MSLT3

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• Improve the performance of the ultrasound gel, increase the image quality or signal quality.
• Remove the uncomfortable cold feeling of the patients, help the patients more relaxation to the diagnosis.
• 1.Possessed of patent in heating method with inverting the bottle cap.
• 2.Automatic constant temperature, convenient in use.
• 3. Rapid heating: Into inactive state within 3 minutes after apparatus turned on which fully meets clinical demands.
• 4. Heating up per portion gel at a time to avoid multiple heating of whole bottle to guarantee the gel quality.
• 5.Ergonomic 3 bottles design
• 6. Automatic control the temperature with high accuracy, efficient heat transfer, safe and reliable.
 Power Supply: AC110-220V F=50/60Hz
Input power:≤60VA
 Operating Ambient Temperature: 0~40°C
 Operating Relative Humidity: 30~90%
 Temperature Control Range:34~40°C
 Temperature Control Accuracy: ±1°C(After Heat Balance)
 Interval time in use:2 minutes
Product weight:800g


Automatic Temperature Control Gel Warmer MSLT3