Black and White USB Probe

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DW-SU201 3.5Mhz Convex
DW-SU202 7.5Mhz Linear
DW-SU203 10.0Mhz Linear (PICC)
DW-SU205 3.5Mhz Convex and 7.5Mhz Linear Double Heads probe


Point-of-care diagnostic tools

128 elements probes ,touch high level image

Light weight, easy operation

Remote support system to share, read images and videos

Wide application^linic, First Aid, Emergency, Patrol, Ward Round, Bedside, ICU , Patient home, etc


BI Parameters

Convex probe:3.5Mhz Linear probe:7.5Mhz
Mode: B Mode: B,PW
Depth :60-240mm Depth :20-70mm
SRI:1-8 SRI:1-8
Persistence:!-4 Persistence^-4
Gray Map:1-8 Gray Map:1-8
Dynamic Range:45-80 Dynamic Range:45-80
Applications: Gynaecology, Urology, Abdomen,

Emergency Call and ICU

Application: Small organs Neurology ,Biopsy

Guidance PICC, Musculoskeletal and ICU


High-frequency probe:10Mhz 

Mode: B,PW

Depth :20-70mm



Gray Map:1-8

Dynamic Range:45-80

Applications: Small organs, Neurology, ICU, Biopsy Guidance, PICC, Musculoskeletal

Convex and 7.5Mhz Linear Double Heads probe

One probe for two products, convenient for carry Improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, and realize the visualization and precision of various medical treatments

D Optional:

PAD, Smart Mobile Phone, Puncture Frame, Printer


Black and White USB Probe