Chemiluminescence Immunoassay ECLIA Analyzer MSLCM12

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Controllable Optical Signal

High Sensitivity and Precision

Magnitude of Luminescent Intensity Reaches Six Orders

Compatible with Small Sample Volume

High Stability for Reagent

One of The ECLIA System in the World



Features of Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyser MSLCM12:

1.Assay Cup 【necessities】
Specification:12*25 piece/box; 120*25 piecec/box
2. Auffer :【 necessities 】
Specification:1*480mL/box ; 6*480mL/box
3. Buffer:【necessities】
4.Enhancer Washing Buffer:
Specification: 50mL
5.Concentrated Washing Buffer【necessities】
Specification:1L,diluted with 9L deionized wate
6. Measuring Cell Maintenance Buffer(200mL)
7. High-Voltage Adjustment Buffer (380ml)
8. High-Voltage Adjustment Reagent(50T)

User Friendly Operation:

Touch screen
Smart QC and Calibration
Easy to read reagent status
0-60 °adjustable screen for wide
viewing angle

Reagent channel: 10
Sample positions: 30
Incubation positions:100
Duration of Assay: 18 min/T, or 86T/H
Consumables: Buffer and Auffer, Concentrated washing
buffer, assay cups.
Dimensions: 650(H)×620(W)×650(D)mm
Weight: 92kg
Monitor the dynamic change of IgM&IgG titer to determine the COVID-19 stage
NO INTERFERENCE from Below Viruses
• Influenza A (IgM and IgG)
• Influenza B (IgM and IgG)
• HCV (IgM and IgG)
• HBV (IgM and IgG)
• Haemophilus influenzae (IgM and IgG)
• Anti-229E (alpha coronavirus)
• Anti-NL63 (alpha coronavirus
• Anti-OC43 (beta coronavirus)
• Anti-HKU1 (beta coronavirus) ANA
• Anti-respiratory syncytial virus (IgM and IgG)


Chemiluminescence Immunoassay ECLIA Analyzer MSLCM12

$33,750.00$47,000.00 (-28%)

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