UV Phototherapy NEUKN02

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  • Security Classification: Class I
  • The equipment without application part
  • The equipment without signal input and output part
  • Operation mode: Intermittent loading continuous operation
  • General Equipment (closure device without preventing the liquid )
  • Can not be used in following situation: a flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide gas mixture of flammable gas under anesthesia


1.Stable and long usage life Philips special UV lamps as light source

2.10 pieces UV lamps of various combinations (PUVA,NBUVB,PUVA&NBUVB),high intensity UV light output to reduce treatment times

3.Microcomputer controls the radiation dose or time

4.PUVA output and NBUVB output work separately or simultaneously

5.Build-in reflectors, improve the efficiency of irradiation

6.Treatment head can be lifted up and down electronically (Vertical distance:≥36cm, rotation angle:≥90°), and it can be locked in any angle and rotated in a certain angle; patients can choose to sit or lie during treatment.

7.Microcomputer control ensures the patients’ safety

8.Unique anti-interference technology, ensure the normal use of equipment in strong magnetic field

9.Optional special software of remote control and case management functions

10.Optional UV meter UV lamp parameter: TLK40W/1O-R:350-400nm TL20W/01:311-312nm TLK40W/O9R:320-40Onm Work Voltage: AC 220V+10%,50Hz+2%or AC 110V+10%,60Hz+2% Rated Power:500VA; Specifications and ratings of fuse: T4AL/250V Ф5*20 (AC 220V+10%) or T8AL/250V Ф5*20 (AC 110V+10%) Work environment: TEM. 5~40℃ , Relative Moisture:≤85%,Atmospheric pressure:700hPa~1060hPa Structure : Bust Work distance:5cm±1cm Display mode: LED display Effective Radiation Size:4020cm2±10% Lift and rotate: a)Radiation rotating scope:≥90°; b)Radiation lifting scope ≥36cm.


UV Phototherapy NEUKN02

$7,990.00$8,990.00 (-11%)

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