High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge NEUHC44

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1.Superior performance: Microprocessor control, Frequency conversion motor, without carbon dust pollution, which can extend the working life.
2.Easy operation
3.Equipped with touch panel, digital display and programmable application, which can be operated freely with variety of rotors for selection.
4.Best effect: With function of freely setting the acceleration time, deceleration time, and automatically calculating RCF, which can achieve a best centrifugal effect.
5.Safe and reliable performance: With protection from over speed, over temperature, imbalance and  protection of automatic electronic or mechanical lock, to ensure the safety of operators and machines.

Max Speed:10000/min
Max RCF:18300×g
Max Capacity:6×1000ml
Speed Accuracy:±20r/min
Temp Accuracy:±1℃
Temp Range:-20℃~+40℃
Acc/DecRates :0~9grade
The shortest Acc time:1min30s(0~10000 r/min)
The shortest Dec time:1min40s(10000 r/min~0)
Refrigeration system: Non-CFC Refrigeration System
Timer Range:0~23h 59min
Motor:Microprocessor control, Frequency conversion motor
Power Supply:AC220V&110V 50-60Hz 5A
Number: Max Speed, Max RCF,Capacity
No.1Angle Rotor:10000r/min,18300×g,6×300ml
No.2Angle Rotor:8000r/min,11620×g,6×500ml
No.3Angle Rotor:7000r/min,11500×g,6×1000ml
No.4Swing Rotor:4000r/min,4050×g,4×1000ml


High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge NEUHC44