Low-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge NEUZL85

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1. Controlled by micro-computer, AC frequency variable motor drive, able to operate stably and quietly
2. Multi-color LED displaying parameters including RPM, eccentricity, temperature and time, Able to change parameters anytime during operation without the need to stop the machine
3. Able to configure centrifugal force, RCF and interchangeable, able to observe anytime。
4. Adopted electronic door lock, inner chamber protected by steel materials。
5. 10 types of acceleration and deceleration control, the 9th control able to achieve free stopping time longer than 540s, able to satisfy the requirement of some special samples.
6. Second display for countdown less than one minute
7. Adopted electronic door lock, inner chamber protected by steel materials
8. Imported high efficiency environmental friendly refrigerating system, able to maintain temperature under -4℃ during maximum RPM
9. MSLZL85 is equipped with multiple types of rotor and adaptors, applicable to radioactive immunology, clinical medicine, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, isolation and purification of blood samples.

Max RPM:5500rpm
Max RCF:5310×g
Max Capacity:4×750ml
Temp Range:-20℃~40℃
Temp Accuracy:±2.0℃
Voltage: AC 220±22V 50Hz 15A
Noise Level:≤ 65dB(A)
Chamber diameter:φ420mm
Outer Dimensions:645×700×445mm
Outer packing Dimensions:745×800×545mm
Net weight:95kg
Gross weight:115kg


Low-speed Refrigerated Centrifuge NEUZL85