Microarray Chemiluminescence Biochip Detection System MSLCM05

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The test kit is made up of protein biochip, reaction liquid, Luminol substrate solution and other reagents. It detects the concentration of 7 kinds of Tumor Markers in the serum through double antibody sandwich enzyme immunoassay.



Technical Parameters:

System Type:2nd Generation of MSLCM05
Principles: Microarray Chemiluminescent Immunoassay
Reagents: Sunlant reagent test kit
Speed:720 tests/hour
Operation mode: Fully automatic load sample and biochip, random, batch and emergency priority
Sample position:60 positions. Continuous loading is allowed during the testing process and Emergency priority
Reagent position:18 positions
Loading system: Teflon coated S/R probe with liquid level detection function
Detection system: CCD with 2 million 800 thousand pixels
Calibration method :5 point calibration
Temperature :30±0.1℃
Precision: The CV of the test should be ≤5%
Operation System: Windows 7
Dimensions:1510 mm×910 mm×1150 mm
Weight :310 kg
Networking: Can be linked with LIS system of the hospital through COM or network card
Environment :Supply Voltage: 220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz, 1500VA;
Temperature : 20℃~26℃
Air pressure: 85 kPa~106 kPa


1.High Throughput: Integrated with 56 lattices, each of which are able to provide finite information
2.Low cost: Routine inspection items integrated in a chip, forming a ” lab on chip’ and saving raw materials.
3.High Efficiency: Only 180ul blood is required for testing of all combined indices.
4.High Accuracy: Mainstream chemiluminescence method ensuring high sensitivity, wide linearity and excellent repeatability.
5.High Detection Rate: Research achievement of”863” program, optimized combination of indices and coordinated determination to reduce misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.
6.Automation:Fully-automatic devices saving manual operation and avoiding man-made error.


Microarray Chemiluminescence Biochip Detection System MSLCM05

$3,990.00$6,990.00 (-43%)

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