Private Blood Bank Centrifuge MSLHC33

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Advanced CPU control system, and microprocessor control, which can accurately control the speed , time and RCF, to fully meet the needs of blood bank testing. It  has the advantages of low noise, little vibration, fast lifting speed and etc.:
Stainless steel cavity and solid construction are suitable for continuously use, inflatable spring, easily open lid and automatic locking lid are security guard.
Accurately timing: it can detect the centrifugal time to seconds, the centrifuge uses the “effective inter-centrifuge” concept, when it reaches the rated speed after starts and then countdown, it is automatically shut down when it times to “0”and can protect experimental results greatly.
Fast up/down: Bring in”8s Acc time, 8 s Dec time”, which can rate speed within 8 seconds to start or shut down.
PWM braking function: in the process of centrifuging, the ordinary centrifuges often suffer the too long stoppage or echoes, which make settlement of the material being suspended again. While our centrifuge uses PTM pulse width and matches two damping system, which effectively ensure shutting down quickly and no echoes phenomenon .

Max Speed:5000r/min
Speed Accuracy:±30prm;±50r/m
Max RCF:3500xg
Max Capacity:12x15ml
No.1 Angle Rotor:12x10ml 5000r/min 3500xg
No.2 Angle Rotor:12x15ml 4000r/min 2680xg
Motor: Brushless DC Motor
Power Supply:AC220V &110V 50Hz 2A
Dimensions:485x320x270mm (LxWxH)


Private Blood Bank Centrifuge MSLHC33