Real-Time PCR System NEUPCR16E

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  • 7 inch touch screen, Easy-to-use Software
  • Ultra-UniF thermal platform
  • 2 seconds lateral optical scanning
  • Non-Maintenance Optical System
  • Outstanding and powerful data analysis functions


Thermal Block:

Sample capacity(wells):    48 Reaction Volume    :5-100 μL Consumables: 0.2ml 8-strip tubes ,0.2ml PCR single tube(Optical flat cap,clear tube) Temperature range  :0°C-100°C Heating/cooling method:Peltier Max heating rate :8.0°C/sec Average heating rate :6.0°C/sec Max cooling rate :5.5°C/sec Average cooling rate :4.0°C/sec Temperature accuracy :±0.1℃ Temperature uniformity:±0.1℃ Gradient Rang:1°C-40°C Gradient block:8 row Special temperature portocol:Gradient PCR,Long PCR,Touch Down PCR Heat Lid: Temperature range:Room Temperature–110°C Optical System: Excitation Source:4LEDs Detector:Photodiode Detection Position:Excitation and scan from lateral Detection method:4 channels scanning at the same time, no edge effect. Detection time:2 seconds for 48 wells for all channels

Range of excitation/ emission wavelengths (nm):  

1  465 /510 (FAM,SYBR Green I,SYTO9,EvaGreen,LC Green) 2  527/ 563 (HEX,VIC,TET,JOE) 3  580 /616 (ROX,Texas Red) 4  632/ 664( Cy5) Probe:Taqman Probe,Molecular beacons probe,Scorpion probe Multiplexing:Up to 4 targets Fluorescence Linearity:r≥0.990 Fluorescence Dynamic Range:Adjustable Performance: Sample Linearity:/r/≥0.999 Sample repeatability:Ct value CV≤0.5% Sample Dynamic Range:1-1010 copies


Data Analysis modes: Qualitative analysis,Absolute quantification,Relative,quantification,Genotyping analysis,Endpoint analysis,Melt curve analysis, High Resolution Melting” Control modes: 1.7 touch screen 2.PC direct control 3.WLAN control(One PC can control max 10 units, and device can be controled by any PC in the WLAN)” Data Stroage :Upload and download through USB disk,1000 results can be stored  in machine Power failure protection:Automaticly start running experiments after power supply, no need wait PC software Customize Report:Templetes reserved ,report can customized Administration Management:Administrator can set funtions limts for users Fault Management:Fault report and analysis, solution instruction LIS connection    CSV,Excel,TXT format data output,open port for LIS connection Others: PC operating system:Win 7, Win 10 Communication Port:1 ethernet and 2  USB Footprint(WxDxH):260mm X 400mm X 2605mm Weight:11kg Power usage:AC 100 to 125 V / 200 to 240 V (50/60 Hz). power consumption:600VA Work environment:Tempereture:10°C~30°C  Humidity:20%~85%


Real-Time PCR System NEUPCR16E

$27,790.00$29,790.00 (-7%)

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