Plasma Gel Maker NEUHC30

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1. Fill all kinds of wrinkles
2. Sculpture body
3. Fill the scar
4. Solve the check depression
5. Modify the chin outline
6. Fill the nose
7. Improve the profile of body part

1.Ideal effect: the autologous collagen can promote the cells growths, keep the skin elasticity.
2. Long time maintaining: Inject once time maintains 4-7 months.
3. Safety: its extract from body, its very safe. And
4. Low cost: Extract from own body and save much cost.
How to make PPP autologous:
Step 1: Blood collection
Step2 :Blood separation
Step 3:PPP collection
Step 4:Heat PPP at 70 ℃ for 5 mins, then heat at 90℃ for 10 mins.
Step 5: Put PPP into cooling holes for 5 mins. (set temperature at 37℃), the the PPP gel make finished.
Step 5: Inject the PPP gel into the needed place
1.This machine only for PPP gel make.
2.During operation , don’t need to add anything else (such as PRP).
3.Suggest don’t use PRP to make Gel, because its easy to inactivity. But you could mix the PRP with PPP gel.


Plasma Gel Maker NEUHC30