• Full-Automatic Biochemistry Chemistry Analyzer Machine NEUES120


    Machine type
    Random access, open reagent & locked reagent optional)
    Test speed
    Constant 120 tests/hour (Mono reagent or double reagent)
    Test principle
    Colorimetric method, turbidimetry
    Test method
    1 point end, 2 poi nt end, Fixed-Time, Kinetics
    Calibration type
    inear & nonlinear

  • Open Type Blood Test Chemistry Analyzer Machine NEUES160


    Test speed: Constant 150 test/hour(Single or double reagent)
    High precision ceramic syringe
    Sample dispensing by frequency converting design
    Permanent ceramic piston

  • Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Machine NEUES200


    The instrument is biochemistry analyzer for in vitro diagnostic use in clinical laboratories and designed for in vitro quantitative determination of clinical chemistries in serum, plasma, urine or cerebrospinal fluid samples.

  • Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Machine NEUPCR04


    Novel and human-orientated running interface for smooth operation. The adopted fluorescent real-time detection mode realizes simultaneous amplification and detection in the same tube without need of post experimental treatment. Advanced thermoelectric technology ensures fast and steady heating and cooling of the ultra-fast heat cycling system. Multi-point temperature control ensures consistent temperature of 96 sample wells. It can create a temperature gradient with 4 Thermo-electric modules. Stable and accurate 1~36C gradient function makes optimising PCR conditions simple and easy.

  • Genetic Analysis Detection System Real-Time PCR Machine NEUPCR05


    MSLPCR05 is a realtime PCR detection system, has a faster heating and cooling rate, better temperature control accuracy, temperature uniformity and the machine stability with the specialy-made Peltier by Ferrotec, advanced optical fiber technology, the new wide voltage power supply, its unique block radiating patent technology and the bottom detection patent mode. It can be used with Windows Tablet PC. This new touch screen operation will bring you the ultimate experience of human-computer interaction.
    The new and innovative LineGene k Plus Real-time PCR detection system can adapt to different levels of customer requirements, which can fully meets various requirements of scientific research and clinical applications.

  • PCR Thermal Cycler Machine NEUPCR13

    • 5.7 inch large touch screen colorful display, the bilingual language choices, direct communication.
    • Settings at a glance, powerful program editing function, flexible and efficient to define your application.
    • Pause Function, the program can be run manually or pre-program suspended.
    • POST normal state to ensure than equipment to protect the safety test, improved user management, password protection, experimental procedures to copy, delete, operating etc.
    • Three kinds of file storage for your choose: Equipment storage, USB FLASH-Take your experiment data everywhere with you, USB port to a computer.
    • Upgrade, software scalability, and free upgrade to meet future experimental technique development.
  • Auto Urine Analyzer Machine NEUUA15


    Machine performance: adopt to import efficient luminous tube with long life, performance stability. Chinese and English interface. Auto calibration, auto testing, false operation and false category reminder function. Easy operation and relax maintain.
    Output mode: match standard RS232 which connect computer. According to different requirements, built-in and built-out printer selectable. Chinese and English report format, test and print by different groups.

  • Medical Water Bath NEUEF250


    1. With stainless steel inner tank, the appearance is novel and beautiful.
    2. Digital display of actual measured temperature and set temperature.
    3. Over-temperature acousto-optic tracking alarm, so that the sample can be reliably protected.
    4. Microcomputer program controller, time and heating rate, constant temperature test at extremely fast speed.
    5. Multi-segment programmable control, menu-type operation interface, can simplify the complicated experiment process, and truly realize automatic control.


    Medical Water Bath NEUEF250

  • Auto 3 Part Hematology Analyzer NEUEA261


    Hematology is the specialty responsible for the diagnosis and management of a wide range of benign and malignant disorders of the red and white blood cells, platelets and the coagulation system in adults and children. Haematologists care directly for patients on hospital wards and out patient clinics.

    1.Fully Automatic analysis cycle
    2. Automatic internal and external probe cleaning
    3.High Reliablity and Safety
    4.Easy to check the patient data.
    5.Programmable multi-format printout
    6.Software can be upgraded via USB port.
    7.Huge storage of 100000 patient result with histogram.

  • Veterinary Hemoglobin Analyzer NEUEAM124


    A hemoglobinometer is a medical measuring device of hemoglobin blood concentration. It can operate by spectrophotometric measurement of hemoglobin concentration. Portable hemoglobinometers provide easy and convenient measurement of hematological variables, especially in areas where no clinic laboratories are available.

  • Baby Incubator For Hospital Use NEUBI01


    Advanced technology in such disciplines as comprehensive clinical medicine, machinery, computer automatic control, sensor, etc. that the baby in incubator, offers newborn baby and disease baby to a fine environment where air purify, temperature and humidity is suitable, similar to uterus of the parent.

    The temperature of cabin space of the baby in incubator should be set up on the doctor’s order, Baby’s skin temperature, baby’s air temperature of the cabin and baby’s humidity of the cabin have digital display, when baby’s skin temperature and air temperature of the cabin over the normal value or present other unusual situations, there is alarming (power cut off, fan failure, sensor trouble, air temperature over, skin temperature over, deviation between display temperature and setting up temperature, etc.), guarantee the dependability and security of the one machine.

  • Colposcope Video Machine for Gynaecology NEUCE06

    • Colposcope is a gynecological clinical diagnostic instruments .
    • For the diagnosis of cervical disease, it can be observed 10 to 60 times magnification images, found small lesions the naked eye can not find .
    • Through this amplification effect, the doctor can clearly see the cervix blood vessels on the skin, detection of cervical cancer precursor lesions, to provide the basis for early diagnosis of cervical cancer, so that patients receive effective treatment in advance, so that the cure rate of cervical cancer greatly increased.
    • The device is used for checking pathological changes in vulva, vagina and cervix, filtering cervix cancer by fluorescence indirectly and images management.
  • Portable Gynaecology Digital Colposcope System NEUCE07


    Application :
    The device is used for checking pathological changes in vulva, vagina and cervix, filtering cervix cancer by fluorescence indirectly and images management.

  • Multi-functional Trolley Colposcope Video Machine NEUCE08


    High Resolution CCD
    1/4″ high resolution colorful digital CCD camera with 550 TV lines.
    Video output.
    Fast auto-focus and manual focus control.
    White balance auto-adjusted
    Unique Light Source Design
    With adjustable super cold LED light source, brightness can be adjusted;
    Multi-functional trolley
    With Swing Arm , the height can be adjusted and locked freely.
    Unique Foot Switch
    With unique-designed foot switch , more convenient to take pictures.
    Control Handle
    With control handle , easy to adjust the focal length, zoom in/out ,red light ,white-balance, freezing picture, light brightness etc;
    Integrated Computer Imaging, Data Management and Analysis Function
    The true color image output function;
    With Chinese, English , Vietnamese, Spanish and Russian language;
    Timing of acetic acid and iodine reaction tests;
    With 175 pictures for diagnosis;
    Contains standard case report template, convenient for edit and print the report with real color pictures.
    Case report can be searched and back-up copied.
    Abundant image data can be stored
    LCD Screen(On the Back of Camera)-Optional
    2.5″ LCD screen, Real-time dynamic images can be observed
    Wireless trans function(optional)
    To create and search medical history fast.

  • Digital Colposcope Video Machine NEUCE09


    1.High Resolution and Definition Camera System
    2.Perfect combination of optical and digital system, clearer view;
    3.Synchronous observation through the optical scope and the computer;
    4.1/3”high resolution, color CCD
    5.5 speed Optical Amplification;
    6.Video output;
    7.Built-in scale in the observation system to measure the lesion size;
    8.White balance auto-adjusted;
    9.Unique spectral grating and fine-tuning
    10.With a green filter, to facilitate observation of capillary lesions.
    11.Unique Light Source Design
    12.lWith integrative halogen light source and ring fiber, more brighter, and brightness can be adjusted;
    13.Special Swing Arm
    14.Stand with damping resistance design, easy adjustment at any angle (Very flexible and convenient);
    15.Unique Foot Switch
    16.With unique-designed foot switch , more convenient to take pictures.
    17.Integrated Computer Imaging, Data Management and Analysis Function
    18.The true color image output function;
    19.With Chinese, English , Spanish and Russian language;
    20.Timing of acetic acid and iodine reaction tests;
    21.With 175 pictures for diagnosis; Abundant images data can be stored ;
    22.Contains standard case report template, convenient for edit and print the report with real 23.color pictures.Case report can be return-visited ,searched and back-up copied.
    24.Multi-functional specialized software of image processing and management, which can tab, add annotations, zoom in/out and partially magnification etc
    25.With automatic evaluation and RCI biopsy indicate function;
    26.Brand new data storage algorithm, which can improve the user’s browsing and searching speed
    27.The data backup function, can not only improve the security of the medical record data, but also improve the storage capacity

  • Portable Full Digital Optical Colposcope NEUCE10


    LHigh resolution andDefinitionCamera System
    Perfect Combination’s optical system and digital, vision more clear;
    Synchronous observation through optical scope and outfit;
    1/3 “color CCD high resolution;
    5 speed optical amplification;
    Sortie video;
    White balance auto-snug;
    Spectral single rack and fine tunning
    With a filter Green, to facilitate the observation injury capillaries.
    LFountain light unique design design
    With halogen light source integration and fiber ring, more shiny, and the brightness can be snug;
    LSpecial Soporte
    With vertical holder, easy to operate;

  • Medical Throat Endoscopy LED Light Source NEUVME23


    -Integrated design
    Integrated imaging processor with light source, space saving and convenient to move

    -(HbE) Hemoglobin Enhancement
    Image processing function: HbE. Helps to better observe tiny capillaries.

    -Freeze Function
    This function helps physicians obtain a clear visual record of the procedure.

    -LED Light Source
    Equipped with the build-in LED light source, which provides the qualified endoscopic images.
    Possessing a much longer lifetime, which can minimize both maintenance time and runnning costs.

  • All Kinds of Medical Waste Incinerator NEUWI50B


    Waste Incinerator is a kind of machine that was developed on the basis of Japanese technology, absorbs advantages of similar equipment both at home and abroad. It features unique and advanced merits withcompact size, high burning effect, reasonable burning technology, high degree of non-harm etc. It is an ideal choice for waste treatment of hospitals, hotels and various areas.

  • Multifunctional Full HD Endoscope Camera NEUED05


    Camera Parameter Introduction
    Camera Sensor 1/2.8″ Sony CMOS
    Total Pixels 2,100,000 pixels
    Image Size (Horizontal * Vertical) 1920*1080P
    Video Output HDMI (x4) & CVBS
    Horizon Resolution 1080 lines
    DNR More than 50dB
    LCD Screen on the panel 3.5 inch LCD screen
    White Balance AWB & MWB
    Image Freeze Processor Panel and Camera Buttons
    Camera Control WB and Freeze
    WB Control Processor Panel and Camera Buttons

  • Digital Thermal Imaging Printer NEUDY01


    MSLDY01 dry laser imager is a thermal imaging printers which is designed for copying over the network to send the image data in DICOM3.0 format.
    Medical dry laser imager connected to CT (computed tomography) via DICOM protocol, MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging), digital X-ray imaging, fluoroscopy, picture archiving and communication systems, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, portable X-ray imaging, brest X-ray tomography, dental and other imaging applications.

  • Medical Ozone Therapy Unit NEUOT02

    • First registered domestic large-scale medical ozone therapy device;
    • Self-correction of ozone concentration under disturbed parameters of pressure and temperature – a must-have function of the third generation medical ozone therapy devices;
    • Automatic restoration of ozone catalytic reduction system at 60ºC constant temperature and 120ºC programmed heating;
    • Built-in ozone gas temperature and pressure sensor, gas leakage and overpressure protective valve for its safety and effectiveness;
    • Adoption of original German SIEMENS S7 series for the main control system;
    • The efficient and longevity ozone generator adopting advanced German titanium alloy substrate and ceramic plate dielectric surface discharge technology;
    • Model ZAMT-2203 UV LED light source Ozone Concentration Sensor has won national scientific and technological achievements appraisal for its national initiative technology;
    • 18 state patents acquired for each technology of the unit.

    Medical Ozone Therapy Unit NEUOT02

  • Medical Ozone Therapy Machine NEUOT03


    ● Desktop design for medical or lab purpose
    ● Installed with domestic patent ceramic ozone generator tube
    ● Stable ozone output performance
    ● Adjustable ozone output via
    1)Ozone adjuster with changing power to change ozone output
    2)Oxygen flow meter with changing oxygen flow rate to change ozone output
    ● Ozone generator is air cooled type unit, cooling fan will take away the heat which released by ceramic ozone tubes and electric cards
    ● This equipment must connect with outside pure oxygen source to meet with medical standard.This type is easier and safer to be operated
    ● High ozone concentration for medical purpose or lab only

  • Percutaneous Jaundice Tester NEUJM01


    Jaundice is one of the most common symptoms of the neonatal period, and the Clinical Report shows that there is 20-30% newborns may appear visibility jaundice. The pathologic jaundice for newborn may cause bilirubin encephalopathy, thus find out the pathologic jaundice as early as possible is very important. The clinical formerly estimate according the concentration of venous serum bilirubin. In this way, not only waste time and vigor, but also can not be popularized because of the conditionality. What’s more, it can not find out the pathologic jaundice and doing the preventive treatment in time, may delay the best treatment time. The Percutaneous Jaundice Tester manufactured by our company can measuring the venous serum bilirubin percutaneous via using optical fiber technology, photoelectric technology, electronic technique and data processing. It only needs to use the probe of the machine touch the forehead skin of the newborn, then can measuring the date directly and correctly. The advantages of out machine are: can measuring without ache and without injure, with smaller size and lower weight, easy to operate, convenient and safe use, easy to carry and easy promotion to the neonatology department of all levels of hospital for serum bilirubin values percutaneous dynamic monitoring of the newborn. It has the broad application prospect in the market

  • Neonatal Jaundice Tester NEUHD03


    Jaundice is a common phenomenon in neonatal period, it is observed that over 90% newborn babies have jaundice in different degree. It can be a physiological phenomenon ( called physiological jaundice) in neonatal period, or it can be an important symptom of many diseases in neonatal period (called pathological jaundice). This pathological jaundice can cause bilirubin brain illness (called kernicterus), it can cause brain damage of newborn baby, and results in early death and serious sequela, so we must take immediate and efficient measures to treat neonatal pathological jaundice.

  • Small Size Infant Phototherapy Unit NEUHD04


    Power  supply:  AC220V±10% ,50Hz±2%

    Power  input: ≤400VA

    Blue light  wavelength: 420nm~490nm

    Circle  360 light  radiation: 3700μW/cm²

    Up side  light  radiation: 3300μW/cm²

    Down side  light  radiation: 2400μW/cm²

    Life  span of blue  light  tube: ≥20000hours

    Air temperature   display   range: 0~45.0℃

    Skin  temperature   display  range: 0~45.0℃

  • Baby Warmer Medical Infant Incubator NEUBI18


    Control Mode: Pre-warm Mode, Manual Mode and Baby Mode control by micro-computer
    Baby Mode temperature control range: 34.5-37.5℃
    Skin temperature display range: 5℃-65℃
    Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ±0.2℃
    Temperature uniformity of mattress: ≤2℃
    Angle of heater head: 0°, 30°, 45°for two ways
    Inclination of the bassinet: five tilt position

  • Infant Radiant Warmer NEUBI19


    1. Three control Modes: Pre-warm Mode, Manual Mode and Baby Mode control by micro-computer;
    2. Set Temperature and Baby Temperature can be displayed separately;
    3. Horizontal angle of warmer module and inclination of the bassinet can be adjusted;
    4. The panels surrounded bassinet can be turned outward or disassembled;
    5. X-ray cassette under the bassinet;
    6. APGAR timer;
    7. Multiple failure alarm indications;
    8. RS232 connector for data output;
    9. Disposable skin temperature sensor and SpO 2 are optional.


    Infant Radiant Warmer NEUBI19

  • Medical Waste Incinerator NEUWI30B


    Waste Incinerator is a kind of machine that was developed on the basis of Japanese technology, absorbs advantages of similar equipment both at home and abroad. It features unique and advanced merits with compact size, high burning effect, reasonable burning technology, high degree of non-harm etc. It is an ideal choice for waste treatment of hospitals, hotels and various areas.


    Medical Waste Incinerator NEUWI30B

  • Medical Waste Incinerator NEUWI100B


    Medical waste incinerator, produced by MSL, introduced the world’s most advanced medical incinerator technology, and have developed independent intellectual property rights of the medical waste incineration processing equipment, which developed by our own technical experts and research organizations. The equipment is totally enclosed, small size, high efficiency of burning. It has reasonable process, high technology, and less hazardous. FSL series of medical waste incinerator has wide applications such as hospitals, hotels, railway stations, large commercial institutions, enterprises and institutions.

  • Medical Enclosed Waste Incinerator Medical Burn Machine without Second Pollution NEUWI150B


    Waste Incinerator is a kind of machine that was developed on the basis of Japanese technology, absorbs advantages of similar equipment both at home and abroad. It features unique and advanced merits with compact size, high burning effect, reasonable burning technology, high degree of non-harm etc. It is an ideal choice for waste treatment of hospitals, hotels and various areas.

  • Medical Waste Incinerator NEUWI300B

    • Gasified pyrolysis incineration is used for burning many kinds of waste.
    • Waste can be burned once everyday by gasified incineration.
    • Gasified incineration, mixed incineration and burnout treatment ensures low emission standard of dust, dioxin etc.
    • Totally enclosed operation is suitable for treating infectious waste to avoid secondary pollution.
    • Compact structure and small land occupation.
  • Portable Electric Dermatome Machine NEUEDP02


    Power supply: AC220V + 10%; 50Hz + 1Hz
    Skin thickness: 0-0.75 mm and incremental interval: 0.05 mm
    Skin width: 2.5 cm, 3.8 cm, 5.1 cm, 7.6 cm, 10.2 cm
    Removable  handle connection line
    Control mode: Handheld control, easy to operate;
    Sterilization mode: whole machine can be sterilized under high temperature and pressure

  • Surgical Burns Skin Graft Mesher Machine NEUSGM01


    The design of this machine makes it possible to manufacture a variety of mesh-like film technology. The mesh skins of different specifications are produced using the corresponding skin carrier plates, without the need to change tools, which greatly reduces the medical cost. The width of the skin treatment is up to 80 mm, and the length of the treated skin can be practically unlimited. The whole machine can be sterilized at high temperature without lubrication and maintenance.

  • Multi-use Surgical Burns Skin Graft Mesher NEUSGM02


    The design of this machine perfectly combines the technology of rolling small square skins and the technology of making mesh skins onto the same machine. The width of the skins to be treated can reach nearly twice that of traditional netting machines. The length of the sheet can actually be unlimited. The whole machine can be sterilized in any way, without the need to use lubricating oil maintenance.

  • Auto Portable Digital Eye Fundus Camera NEUAFC02


    Working Distance: The distance from cornea is 40mm, Errors: ±2mm
    Field of Vision Scope: 45°
    Horizontal Angle: ±30°
    Up and down Angle: ±12.5°
    The Size of Outer Ring: φ7.4mm;
    The Size of Inner Ring: φ4mm
    Filters: Stimulating Filter (red & blue);
    Depth of field contraction distance: ≥5mm
    Refractive compensation:+15D